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Re-inventing the Dental 3D printing workflow
The first automated All-In-One 3D printing workflow for dentists powered by AI.

DentCase is the most user-friendly and accurate dental 3D printer ever created for dentistry. DentCase is revolutionizing the digital workflow with its all-in-one automatic setup by integrating dental CAM software, accurate DLP 3D printer, smart automatic washing, and advanced post curing systems that provides the most reliable and convenient option for dental 3D printing.

DentCase Features

  • Automatics washing
  • Auto resin filling
  • Resin & Alcohol spilling proof
  • Resin and alcohol smell filters
  • Auto Z axis calibration
DentCase Front-Open
  • User-friendly UI
  • Neat durable resin tank
  • Multi-functional platform
  • DLP optical engine
  • Automatic slices drafting function for rapid printing

All In One Setup

1. Print

Dental 3D printing has never been this easy! DentCase was made to give you flawless top-notch printing.

2. Wash

Forget the gloves! DentCase handles the cleaning by itself, saving you the hassle that comes with conventional washing!


Forget the mess! Avoid over-soaked and warped prints. DentCase is ready when you are.

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