Get excellent properties of your printed parts

DentCure is an innovative UV LED device used for post curing 3D printed parts that allows printed parts reach its optimum mechanical, physical, and dimensional properties. DentCure is empowered by 12 LED lambs that are distributed in strategic places with a turntable to ensure uniform light distribution on the printed part to result in the optimum dimensional accuracy.


22x22x26 cm

LED Power

30 W

LED wavelength

(405 nm)

Turntable dimensions

diameter 15 cm height 12 cm

Touch screen

Programmed curing options for each resin profile


With one touch you can get your printed part ready with optimum mechanical properties

  • Freedom to set individual exposure times
  • Short polymerization times
  • Noiseless
  • Turntable to insure uniform light exposure of the printed parts

Download DentCure Flayer